Fabrics Guide – A Quick Overview of Commonly Used Fabrics in Men’s Clothing

There is a big difference between the look of a man wearing women’s clothing compared to that of a women wearing men’s clothing. Women have com e a long way from the Victorian era which has become practically a by-word for sexual repression and frumpiness. Women’s clothing was extremely ‘feminine’ and all covering, with the corset now standing as a metaphor for the whole traditional Victorian fashion style and the status of women at the time. Now women’s fashion is on another level and has  레플리카 even adopted many originally masculine types of clothing to great effect.


Braces are used to hold up trousers. Originally they existed in place of belts, but also they are handy for people with particularly wide (or particularly small) waists that can’t find a belt that fits. They have also become a status symbol as they are often worn by bankers and business men, even if they have belts.


The modern neck-tie and bow-tie are all descended from the cravat, which was originally a piece of military clothing which came into existence in the 17th century. The tie has been a distinctly male garment for centuries but has in these heady modern times been in some circles discarded by various companies in fear that they make wearers look unnecessarily stiff. Cue a flood of female celebrity icons wearing ties. It was so long an accessory too far for women but as soon as the mild taboo had been dropped women have adopted it with a passion.


Up until the 1970s suits were a fundamentally male item of clothing. Thanks to the number of women joining the white-collar workforce around that time, women found ways to wear a suit so that they could aim to integrate into an overwhelmingly male environment. The trousers could be replaced by a matching skirt, shirts could be replaced by a blouse or different type of formal top and a neck-tie could be replaced with a scarf or ascot style tie. The suit helped to build a female white-collar workforce which didn’t exist before hand. What is even better is that new plus size clothes have options for suits. Ladies plus size shops really do cater for a wide range of people now.


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